Handle: Red deer antler from the Scottish highlands


Blade: Hewn & Hone 6.3mm round tang, approx 60 x 2mm, bearing steel.


Note: This blade is forged by and heat treated by Nic Westermann, the grinding is done by Hewn & Hone. The blade is forged from 1/4″ bearing steel rod-  adds rigidity, the blade is 2mm thick at the spine with distal taper towards the tip. This small sloyd has a compound grind on the flats, this means that the 25 degree edge bevel is very short, allowing the blade to turn in a concave cut very easily, they are excellent for finishing difficult areas of a spoon, especially the neck.


The tips are very fine and these blades should not be used for prying to any degree.


A leather slip to protect the blade can be added to this order:


Blade slip- handstitched leather sheath to cover the blade#


Full Sheath set- includes a leather blade slip and a full handle sheath and belt dangler. It is designed and stitched so the knife can fit into the sheath with the blade slip on.

Scottish Red Stag knife