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In the beginning..........

Leather work started for me as a result of seeing the huge variety of tools available and the cultural significance of tanning hides. With no workshop or large space to work in leather working is something I could do without making a mess whilst watching the rugby.

I realised pretty early on that many of the tools I wanted were out of my price range to make leather work a hobby but by trawling internet auction sites, old market town auctions and making your own tools has made leather crafting a rewarding hobby.



To start leather working you do not need the most expensive tools on offer. Over a period of three years I have collected most of the tools I need and in some cases I have made bespoke tools out of vintage tools collected at flea markets.

The most expensive tool I have purchased is the Ash & Axe bespoke brass leather branding stamp. This was exciting as it finally established my brand and stamping the first piece of leather was a very special feeling. Even now every piece of leather stamped reminds me of that time.

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