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Available is a stunning handcrafted Ash & Axe knife with a 40mm whittling blade


Handle- The handle starts with a piece of  5000 year old bog oak from the Lincolnshire fens then a piece of stunning figured yew burr from Suffolk followed by a long piece of curved bog oak


Blade- The Nidavellir Detail Knife is made from O1 tool steel and is just over 1.5inches long (40mm) the blade at the spine is 0.125 inches thick (3.1mm) and is polished and rounded for comfort when being used for push cuts. The edge is a 27° flat over hollow grind. This is a fantastic short little blade with many uses.


Leather: The knife is being sold as knife only but sheath options are available:


Blade slip- handstitched leather sheath to cover the blade.


To help keep your handle in good condition the knife includes a tin of Ash & Axe organic Cambridge beeswax and Norfolk Linseed oil wax.


This knife is only available to purchase if you are 18+. Proof of age ID which also matches the delivery address must be provided on purchase before the item can be dispatched. For more information on knife laws in the UK, please visit this page.

Bog oak knife

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