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Available is a stunning yakutian knife blade


The Sakha Republic, or Yakutia as it is also known, is a vast area of eastern Siberia. The republics area is roughly a third of Europe´s landmass, while less than a million people live there. It is one of the most hostile environments in the northern hemisphere with temperatures of -35C being common in the wintertime, and temperatures downwards of -60C are frequently recorded.


In this extreme environment, the Yakutian people have developed their own way of living. In this constant fight for survival, the Yakut knife was born. While the origins are still unsure, it is believed that the shape came to be by someone splitting a bone lengthwise, sharpened it against a flat rock, and using it as a knife. Traditional Yakutian knives are forged by hand into the same shape they have had since then.


Blade: The blade has been hand forged in carbon steel and is just over 60mm in length


An unusual feature of this knife is that the blade is asymmetrical; one side of the blade has a fuller, that is a groove in it and a chisel grind, while the other side has no groove and is basically a convex edge (meaning it rounds down to the edge, rather than having a straight bevel).


The blade is traditionally hand forged




Yakut 60mm blade

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