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You can commission Ash + Axe to create a bespoke knife and leather sheath for you. 


Whether you are looking for a knife for you or as a gift, for whittling, wood carving or spoon carving, something for the kitchen or camp, or simply that versatile good 'all-rounder', I can create the ideal unique knife for you.

I have a selection of different woods, blades, leathers and finishing touches available for you to choose from, allowing you to really make your piece your own - more information on the options available are shown further below.


Alternatively, let me know your budget or what you wish to use the knife for and I can brief a knife for you. 

Prices start from £85 for a bespoke handcrafted knife and sheath. Gift set packages can also be created - for example, to include spoon carving blanks.

Simply contact me to discuss the available options.

Please note that in line with current legislation, knives are only available to purchase if you are over the age of 18, and proof of age ID which matches the delivery address must be provided before a knife can be dispatched.




I keep various knife blades in stock, including those suitable for bushcraft or woodcraft and spooncarving, for use in the kitchen or camp, and all-round use. Alternatively I can source a blade of your choice.

You can also choose the type or types of wood from which the knife handle will be made. Certain woods contain subtle grain patterns and/or colours, lending them an almost Scandinavian feel, or select a wood with stunning patterns, such as those you can see in spalted beech.


I currently have in stock spalted beech from an ancient tree (limited), English oak, English elm in varying colours and grains, holm oak, ancient yew, English ash from plain to multi coloured, reclaimed sapele and iroko woods, and more.

You can choose from various finishing touches for your knife, from selecting a different type of wood for the bolster (the end of the handle nearest the blade), to adding an insert detail to the knife.


Insert details might include part of a 50,000 year old mammoth tusk, 4,000 year old bog oak, ox horn, contrasting wood, or metal, such as the mosaic pattern example shown above.



Each sheath is made especially to fit each knife perfectly, from full grain, vegetable tanned  leather.


Three main colours of leather are usually available - tan, dark brown and black - however, I can often source other colours too.





The full grain leather sheaths are stitched by hand, using saddlery needles and 1mm thread which has been waxed to ensure the waterproofing of the sheath.


Various colour threads are available for you to choose from, including red, gold (yellow), brown, black, white and blue.


Simply contact me using the form below to enquire and discuss your bespoke handcrafted knife, or email me at

Thanks! Message sent.

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