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Available is a stunning 80mm bushcrfat/all purpose knife made from 5000 year old English bog oak with mammoth tusk trim


Blade: Handforged blade from Kay Embretsen in Sweden and is 78mm long. The blade is made with a carbon steel center, and mild steel on the sides. This makes the blade easy to maintain a sharp edge.


Handle: The handle is crafted from a stunning piece of 5000 year old bog oak from the Lincolnshire fens.


The bog oak has been dug up from the Lincolnshire fens and carefully air dried then kiln dried before being quarter sawn to give a beautifully contrasting pattern.


Radio carbon dating has shown these ancient giant oaks to be around 3300BC.


In the rear of the handle has been inserted brass tubing for a lanyard and 8000 year old wooly mammoth tusk trim. 


Leather:The knife is being sold with a handstitched leather sheath and belt loop. Walpier Rocky is a heavyweight 100% pure vegetable tanned leather produced on full grain shoulders. The raw material of Rocky is made from the finest of French Bulls. Rocky shoulders have a resin finish on the reverse side.


Produced by Italian tannery Conceria Walpier. A member of the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana. The leather sheath comes with a Pelle Vegetale Guarantee Consortium Swing Tag certifying the traceability of the origin, the correct execution of the tanning process and the natural characteristics of the vegetable-tanned leather produced by the tanneries associated with the consortium.


Each trademarked certificate label is printed with anti-counterfeiting techniques and bears a progressive serial number that allows the consortium to identify, at any time and anywhere in the world, both the tannery supplying the leather and the manufacturer of the product. Each label has a QR code for more information.


There is also included a long length of hancut leather thonging


To help keep your handle in good condition the knife includes a tin of Ash & Axe organic Cambridge beeswax and tung oil/ Linseed oil wax.


Please visit the shipping page for details of worldwide delivery costs.


This knife is only available to purchase if you are 18+. Proof of age ID which also matches the delivery address must be provided on purchase before the item can be dispatched. For more information on knife laws in the UK, please visit this page



Bog Oak bushcrafter

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