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Available is a stunning English spalted beech knife set with a petroglyph blade handmade in Sweden by professional knifemaker Maihkel Eklund crafted from Carbon steel UHB20C  Eklund blades come with a secondary or micro bevel that make them easy to sharpen quickly. Alternatively the bevel can be honed out. The petroglyph blade displays a hunting scene found in a cave. The metal on the knife has been removed so the scene stands proud.


The beautiful spalted beech is created when fungi such as Dryads saddle (pictured) infect the tree and create beautiful black lines and contrasting white patches in the wood. This has been matched perfectly with black buffalo horn set as a spacer and also in the rear of the handle.


The knife comes with a custom fitted handstitched leather sheath. The leather is a thick full grain shoulder in a warm tan colour and has been stiched using a saddle stitch in yellow waxed thread. The knife comes with a matching belt dangler with solid brass cast in England snap clip.


The knife set also comes with a handstitched matching leather key ring. To help keep your handle in good condition a small tin of Ash & Axe organic Cambridge beeswax and Norfolk Linseed oil wax has been included.


The leather has all been stamped by hand with the Ash & Axe and Norfolk, England brands using handcrafted brass stamps made in England.


This knife is only available to purchase if you are 18+. Proof of age ID which also matches the delivery address must be provided on purchase before the item can be dispatched. For more information on knife laws in the UK, please visit this page.

Petroglyph knife set

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