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Availble now is a gorgeous  English yew burr double sheath set


Handle: English yew burr 


Blade: Hewn & Hone 6.3mm round tang, approx 60 x 2mm, bearing steel.


Note: This blade is forged by and heat treated by Nic Westermann, the grinding is done by Hewn & Hone. The blade is forged from 1/4″ bearing steel rod- this makes fitting a handle very easy and a round tang and also adds rigidity, the blade is 2mm thick at the spine with distal taper towards the tip.This small sloyd has a compound grind on the flats, this means that the 25 degree edge bevel is very short, allowing the blade to turn in a concave cut very easily, they are excellent for finishing difficult areas of a spoon, especially the neck.


The tips are very fine and these blades should not be used for prying to any degree.


The knife comes with two sheaths. The first sheath is a slip on blade protector hand crafted from thick shoulder of leather in a warm walnut colour and stitched by hand using a tan coloured thread.


The main sheath is designed so that the knife and knife plus blade protecting sheath will fit inside the main sheath. This sheath is also crafted by hand from walnut coloured leather and stitched with a tan waxed thread. The sheath also comes with a belt dangler handstitched in matching leather and a brass snap hook cast in England.


This knife is only available to purchase if you are 18+. Proof of age ID which also matches the delivery address must be provided on purchase before the item can be dispatched. For more information on knife laws in the UK, please visit this page.

Yew burr sloyd set

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